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We live in a fast-paced world surrounded by cutting-edge technology, such as the Internet, artificial intelligence (AI), bitcoin, Internet of Things (IoT), and smart gadgets. Today, you can find thousands of apps on AppStore and Google Play for a variety of purposes.

It is easy to copy your images and videos onto your computer hard drive. You can view and retrieve them anytime you want. What if your computer crashes or your laptop gets stolen? If you haven’t backed up your images and videos to another place, then you have lost the data.

What can you do to preserve your images and videos? One of the best ways is to use cloud storage. The cloud allows you to store and download your photos and videos from a server using any computer device or gadget.

Plus, you can access your data from anywhere. The question is: how are all your images and videos stored in the cloud? Let us answer this question in today’s post!

What is Cloud Storage?

It is a storage space that use remote servers to store data. You access your data from the cloud using the Internet. A cloud storage service manages, maintains and backs up your data remotely, and for this, you pay a monthly subscription fee or choose the pay-per-consumption rate.

Typical cloud storage uses data centers with a large number of computer servers that store your data physically and allows you to access it online. You can upload your data, such as image and videos, remotely and retrieve the data when you need it.

How the Cloud Stores Images and Videos

Cloud supports multiple file types and formats of all sizes. It means you can easily upload your content, such as documents, photos, videos, music, movies, etc. After signing up for a cloud service or subscribe to an app, you can synchronize it with your phone or tablet for easy access on the go.

Cloud service allows you to restrict or limit access to your images and videos with a password. You can share them securely and privately with others through private web links. There are various cloud storage providers, such as Microsoft OneDrive and Google Photos, to store photos and videos.

However, it is crucial to look for a software or app dedicated to photos and video storage. There are hundreds of such apps available for both iOS and Android, but not all are reliable. Experts recommend choosing an app that comes with various features.

For instance, Lugelo is a high-quality app that enables you to store your images and videos. A the same time, you can also add stories, including pictures or videos in them, write a blog, and share them on social media or privately depending on your requirements.

Besides, you can import images and videos quickly and download them when you need them. Lugelo is a secure app to store your pictures on the cloud at the most affordable prices. Unlike other apps, it has a simple but effective search option that enables you to find a particular photo or video.

Final Words

Cloud storage reduces the risk of your photos and videos being lost due to a hard drive failure. Similarly, cloud-based apps like Lugelo makes it easy for you to access your photos and videos from a remote location.