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Assisted Living and Memory Care

Today, all the help you need to care for the people you love is in one remarkable place – Integrated Care Communities.

If you need help caring for a child or an elderly loved one, now there’s a new solution that’s affordable, professional, loving, and as natural as the circle of life.

Our family serving your family… Emely Rodriguez, LVN is our ALF Administrator and we believe in intergenerational care – the way it used to be with three generations living under the same roof, sharing experiences, laughter, learning, and caring in a special way.

Call us for more information; we’d love to give you a tour: (951) 247-6115 or send an email.

It’s About Aging Gracefully

Life comes full circle. In the beginning, our parents are taking care of us. At the end, we are taking care of them. It often becomes necessary to seek out additional assistance when things become overwhelming and unmanageable with our aging loved ones. That’s when Integrated Care Communities can literally be a life-saver for all concerned.

Today’s adults in their 40s and 50s represent the first generation who will likely spend more years taking care of their parents than their children. This responsibility involves a host of questions and choices ranging from medical care to living arrangements to finances, as well as decisions about intervention in their parents’ lives. By enrolling in ICARE Assisted Living Residences, a maturing person has the opportunity to continue daily life with dignity and delight, with elegance and ease, and with renewal and respect.

Highly Trained and Qualified Staff

Safety and comfort in any health care setting always begins with the staff. Featuring a 24-hour, 7-day a week, round-the-clock team of trained caregivers, our Assisted Living Residences are managed by health care professionals providing daily nurse coverage, weekly health assessments, directed exercise, assistance with medications and other daily needs.


The video below is a short 2-minute presentation of life and times at ICC Assisted Living and Memory Care. Kindness and compassion guide us in making the lives of our residents easier and more enjoyable.


Full Spectrum of Care

Unlike other residential care facilities, ICARE offers unparalleled care for the frail-elderly, as well as those needing additional assistance with the tasks of daily living. We can accommodate individuals with: Parkinson’s, diabetes, dialysis, incontinence, cancer, hospice, chronic arthritis, chronic pain, wheelchair dependencies, cardiac and hypertension problems, blindness, hearing loss, and other chronic medical conditions. In two buildings dedicated to early and late stages are 36 beds providing specific care for those suffering from cognitive impairment, memory deficiency, Alzheimer’s and related dementias.

Personalized Home Healthcare services are available to residents as needed.

Be Our Guest – Amenities Galore

Imagine checking into an upscale hotel that happily provides every service for its guests, a place as comfortable and convenient as home, yet with laundry and housekeeping services, delicious meals, social and recreational activities, Internet access, computerized emergency call system, private full baths and patios in every suite, a sun room, and outdoor barbecue area. ICARE takes pride in providing such well deserved amenities. Our $16.2 million campus is located on nine acres of beautifully landscaped grounds and in full view of the San Jacinto mountain range. Nestled among walking paths, flower beds, gazebos, and other outdoor amenities, our Assisted Living Residences offer a relaxed California lifestyle. Transportation to nearby Ontario Mills, Morongo Casino, Lake Perris, Palm Springs, or Big Bear are options available to our guests.

Pamper Yourself… Body, Mind & Spirit

We cherish the personal touches that compose our lives; a beloved pet to cuddle and keep us company; that heirloom bedroom set we shared with our spouse; hanging up crayon drawings the grandkids drew for us; or simply sitting on a patio, soaking in the sun. At ICARE these familiar and comforting landmarks are not just allowed… but recommended. We have taken into account the significance of providing mental stimulation – keeping our brains active and engaged. ICARE has made special efforts to incorporate a variety of body, mind and spirit activities that will enhance the well-being of its Assisted Living residents. Located adjacent to the Jan Peterson Child Development Center, intergenerational play and interaction is encouraged and weekly visits scheduled for those guests who wish to reawaken their own inner child. The next best thing to seeing your own grandchildren everyday, this special program is a first for Riverside County.

Feels Like Home

Each residence building ranges from 5-6,000 square feet and is uniquely designed. Constructed to resemble large homes with all the features of a normal family residence. No long hallways here, instead multiple bedrooms encircle a common activity, dining and living room area, complete with pass-through fireplace and built-in salt water fish aquarium. This architectural design allows each bedroom to be equipped with its own outdoor patio and exit way, assuring privacy and freedom for each guest.

Best Possible Pricing

Never before has such an opportunity for affordable, complete senior health care been available in Southern California. How was this accomplished?

Integrated Care Communities is the management firm contracted to its sister non-profit corporation created 26 years ago. This unique, one-of-a-kind project is the offspring of the first public-private partnership between a non-profit County Hospital and a non-profit private corporation to be located on County Hospital property anywhere in the United States. The result? ICARE has managed to fill a niche that, until now, presented a glaring dilemma for countless families: What to do with our ailing parents when they can no longer live alone, yet don’t require the services of nursing home care? The answer commonly had been an expensive one. ICARE has changed the financial structure of assisted living by using FHA-insured financing. Aware that the fastest growing segment of the American population is now 85 years and over, the federal government has a vested interest in making facilities like ICARE work. Eligible for low interest rate, government-insured bonds, and a reduced price for its land lease, ICARE was able to structure a financing plan that could pass real savings through to their guests.

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We are proud to be perennial awardees of the Inland Empire Magazine’s Best of… series as well as SeniorAdvisor.com’s Best of Senior Living.

We work hard each year to bring you the best of Residential Healthcare in a warm, welcoming, home-like setting coupled with the highest levels of care in the industry at the absolute best prices compared to similar facilities. Thank you for your continued support of our community service.


Phillip C. Saucedo, MBA
Board President
and Chief Financial Officer

Enrollment Qualifications and Information

Please call or write if you would like to set up a private, one-on-one appointment with an ICARE representative. At that time a full explanation of services and benefits will be presented, we will be happy to answer all of your questions and give you a personal tour of our residences.

Upon receiving your application for enrollment, and prior to admittance, one of our nurses will pay you a home visit to meet with the applicant in order to perform a social, physical, and mental assessment of his or her condition. The resulting “score” will determine the Level of Care necessary, as well as the total monthly fee required.

Enrollment is open to any qualified adult age 59 or older, regardless of gender, race, color, creed, national origin or ancestry. We value and celebrate every human being’s diverse cultural, ethnic and socioeconomic background.


Integrated Care Communities is licensed by the California Department of Social Services.

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Safety and Security

The Assisted Living Residences are located within a fenced perimeter on the grounds of Riverside University Health System – Medical Center, with immediate access to medical professionals in case of emergency. The campus is provided with 24-hour security, fire sprinkler systems in every room, hard-wired smoke detectors, strobe light alarms, exit doors from each bedroom, an individual emergency call system in each bedroom and bathroom, and an automated computerized emergency contact system for Police, Fire, and Paramedics. In addition, there is a wandering resident identification system and delayed egress in the Alzheimer’s residences.